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Unapologetic Gratitude

As we near the end of a trying time in our history, I wonder. Will we continue to live in a State of Gratitude for all the little things that this life has to offer. Or will we attempt to resume to the crazy, manic lifestyles we all had before the pandemic hit.  This past weekend I traveled out of the State of Florida to a place still very much under strict curfew and COVID related mandates. While Florida seems to act a little differently than the rest of the country, it served as a reminder to the importance of how important it is to keep the lessons learned close to heart and mind.  Over the weekend we also experienced...

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Grant Application Portal is Now Open!

That’s right! If you didn't know before, now you do! State of Gratitude is now accepting applications for our third grant!  Thank you everyone for your continued support in this initiative and endeavor and we can’t wait to award an individual with this assistance the first week in June. If you know someone who would benefit from this assistance please have them fill out an application and submit it before the May 31st Deadline. Steps to submit an application as well as the application itself can be found here.  As always, we are diligent in spreading the message of living in a State of Gratitude always and if you or someone you know if having problems finding gratitude in their...

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Pride in Diversity

Over the past couple decades, the month of June has become host to month long celebrations of within different US and international cities. Why might you ask?  On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Riots occurred in Greenwich Village, New York City, marking the beginning of modern-day gay rights movements. These iconic riots which occurred between the police and patrons of a local establishment known at the Stonewall Inn. Ever since those iconic riots, lgbt+ issues have been a topic of conversation in politics as well as mainstream media. Through these conversations, much progress has been made in achieving equal rights for LGBT+ individuals in this country and worldwide, however, there is so much work that remains to be done for...

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Miami Full Moon Yoga + Meditation Gathering Contributes to Grant Fund

What a beautiful evening! Every so often we are graced with the presence of special individuals. The universe has a way of bringing individuals into our lives, sometimes we take them for granted, sometimes we don’t know why, and other times we choose to ignore the potential.  Everything happens for a reason. So cliche, I know. But the more cliche the more truth there is behind it. This past weekend was something that was completely unexpected to us. Every day is a new opportunity and as long we are open and willing to accept help, feedback, and advice the opportunities are endless. In my previous life, I would often struggle with feedback, often taking things personally rather than constructively. When...

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