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What is a No Bar Experience?!

We are more than half way through the month of January to my birthday on January 26th. Tacky? Maybe. Anticlimactic? Yes. Since birthday parties and large gathering are irresponsible. 32 will be celebrated on Zoom this year. Small intimate gathering of 2, me and my lovely roommate Jessica. All things considered, I am grateful for another year of life and a reason to celebrate in the future. Happy Birthday to all my fellow January birthdays and Aquarius siblings!!! My life in a state of gratitude and sobriety has been amazing, but also challenging at times. Alcohol is something that is an integral part of many people’s lives, some of them, in a healthy, responsible capacity. Some of us, have the ability to...

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Temporary Frustrations, Fleeting Emotions, Endless Gratitude

There are moments in our lives that we can’t control. An argument with a friend or lover, a poor result on an exam, or coming short of an intended goal, just to name a few, are all negative circumstances or situations that will arise one point or another in our lives. It could be a reality for many of us at the present moment.  There are two crucial things that I have come to learn from my past that have been able to make these situations a little less, frustrating. The first being understanding my part in the particular circumstance. Meaning… “How did I cause or affect the situation?” And, “How do I chose to react?”  These conflicts and situations...

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New Year, New Intentions, New Gratitude

As we get cozy in this new year, I was reminded that the beginning of January is a time in which we make New Year’s Resolutions! You know, those things that we promise to do, but then end up forgetting about by the time February rolls around…  Well as luck would have it, I had the pleasure of coming across my resolutions list from the prior year, and I have to say… I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were there things on the list that I said I would do and actually followed through on… but there was even a mention of living in a State of Gratitude. Often times I am asked where did you come up with the...

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Holiday Madness meets Serenity

Now that the 2020 holiday season is just about behind us all, the new year is right around the corner, and it’s a been a hell of a year. Some of us lost loved ones, some of jobs, financial security, and many of us haven’t figured out what the heck we are doing. But just as certain that the sun always sets at end of a long day, the sun will always rise to start a new one. I have learned through the course of this long, relentless year, that we really only have a day at a time.  Goals. Realistic, day to day, goals. That is what has brought me through this year. As well as, trusting the process....

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Watermark Names Chris Bilyk - 20 Most Remarkable People of 2020!

Wow, I am beside myself! I couldn't believe that I was not only considered, but chosen to be a part of this list of amazing individuals! I appreciate every word.  I hope that this holiday season we all chose Gratitude this year as our number one priority. So much has occurred throughout this year. Not only has it been an opportunity to reflect on the most important things in this life, but also to inwardly on what matters most.  While the year 2020 has provided this world with much disturbance and grief, so many have lost their lives but others have found theirs. We take our blessings as they come and realize that they are precious.  Thank you for naming me a part...

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