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It’s called Step One. 

Have a vision. Does it have to be clear? Not necessarily.

In the beginning of creating State of Gratitude, my vision was to create something bigger than just a simple tee shirt brand. Over the course of time, through patience and trying to imagine a world where the stigma around addiction didn’t exist… cultivating an identity that curates a community of gratitude across all lines regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, identity, and most importantly struggle. 

We all overcome certain obstacles in our life and have so much to experience and life stories to share. 

What is most important to us is cultivating a community that brings power to the products we mindfully create. 

This is why I have decided to put together something unique, something that we can do together. Across all imaginary boundaries, in the desert, somewhere were cell phone reception is non-existent. Off the grid. For one weekend, 3 nights, of pure bliss.

Check out the eventbrite! Spots are limited! 


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