The State of Gratitude Experience

APRIL 20-23, 2023
Leave your world behind, because out here, it is just us.

Watch our video from Experience #1 here

Join us for a weekend like no other! Out in this oasis we will enjoy a curated experience packed with yoga, hiking, community meals, meditation, and community. At night we will be joined with live DJ sets and campfires to enjoy everything this magical place has to offer.

Join us for a weekend of connection as we disconnect, realign, and elevate our vibrations.

Price includes all programming, premium swag bags, food, and glamping-style accomodations.

Please Note* this is a dry event (no alcohol or drugs). We believe that to fully immerse in the experience, the use of these substances does not allow for participants to be fully present. The State of Gratitude Experiences team prides itself on being a safe space for all participants for all to enjoy. 

This experience is a true manifestation of incorporating beautiful souls from all over in order to facilitate a truly unique experience every single time.

Come with an open mind and leave the rest to us. 

A sneak peek at some programming to include:

  • Manifestation Workshops
  • Yoga 
  • Guided hikes
  • Bonfires
  • Guided meditations
  • Talks on the framework of gratitude
  • Special Workshop by MOBOT Founder Lani Cooper. Sustainable Water bottles that make you feel good.

Optional massage services available upon request at an extra cost.




Julia Kaufman Director of Programming | State of Gratitude |
At 19, Julia began practicing yoga which led her to a career as a vinyasa teacher/junkie and avid lover of traveling and self-exploration. She is a student of religious texts, with a bachelor’s degree from NYU. She teaches now to bring to others the same sense of transformation and compassion that yoga delivers her. Julia’s classes are challenging, spontaneous and graceful.
Julia completed 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher training, with an additional 100 hours of training in teaching inversions and 50 hours of Ayurvedic medicine. She was introduced to Ayurveda by her Guru in 2013 and began studying in a formal institution in 2019. In addition to yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, she enjoys writing her blog, reading and traveling.



Carter Miles is a professional yogi. He got into health, wellness, mindfulness and eventually yoga with in pursuit of ‘feeling good’ and that is what directs his practice and teaching. Sometimes thats a firey vinyasa practice, other times it’s juicy and restorative.
He has trained in and teaches a variety of yoga styles and is constantly expanding his knowledge and practice in different directions. It’s always a rich and unique experience with Carter, a blending of old school, new school and no school. 



Jacque Ramirez | State of Gratitude Experience | Retreats | Wellness Experiences


Jacqueline is one of those yogis who was introduced to the world of yoga and higher consciousness at a very young age. As soon as she was old enough she began assisting her mother, a Trauma Therapist on trips to India where she was surrounded by healers from various lineages.

A visionary, she spent many years as an Art Director and Designer in Singapore before heading to Thailand in 2009 to complete her first 200 hour HOT YOGA teacher training with Absolute Yoga. Over the next 7 years in Singapore she went on to complete 200+ hours in Anusara hours and after giving birth to her son in 2012 she completed her 100 hours certification in Mindful Birth for Pregnancy, Birth & Baby. Jacque is known as a grounding force, a teacher of inner wisdom, rooted deeply in yoga’s philosophy and history. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California and studying with Deepak Chopra. 





With recovery being the most important thing in his life, Chris loves to encourage and create events which people together. This is how State of Gratitude was born. More than just a clothing and accessories brand, State of Gratitude encourages the adoption of the lifestyle that comes with wearing the brand. He is an avid yogi, explorer, and gratitude junkie who has devoted his life to creating safe spaces for any and everyone to come together to celebrate the beauty that is life. Chris is experienced in leading conversations on Gratitude and Manifestation workshops and encouraging activities which lead and promote active and healthy lifestyles on a daily basis. 




Scotty, known professionally as “Scootsmac” has spent an ever-developing career and an artist, producer, and DJ. The journey from rock bands to a multi-city DJ based career out of Miami led him to focus on a community focusing on wellness and positive lifestyle. He has since channeled his musical efforts into his most admired form of wellness, yoga. Despite this love, Scootsmac continues to enjoy playing for audiences of all types including night clubs and pool party day clubs of all genres. All parties are welcome and enjoyed! Stay tuned for which set you will find!

Special Seminar with....

Lani Cooper (@mobotnation)

Lani Cooper | Mobot | State of Gratitude Retreat

Lani Cooper is renowned as an industry leading expert in product development, sustainability and healing and recovery. She is best known as the CEO and Founder of MOBOT, the world’s first water bottle and foam roller in one that effortlessly allows you to give your body the tune-ups it needs throughout the day and save our planet from plastic!

Lani will be leading a special seminar with these famous water bottles and each retreat participant will receive one to use and enjoy! 

A perfect addition to join us on hikes and keeping our experience as waste-free as possible!





Shared Double Tent
Shared Quad Tent
Shared Quad Tent
Shared Twin Bell Tent


All glamping tents are meant to be shared. However, if you choose to have your own tent you can reserve a private tent at an additional fee. Option to rent an RV and park on site is available as well. No RV hookup included.

To check out accomodations options click here

Temperature this time of year ranges from 80s during the day to 50s at night. Please bring appropriate clothing. Heaters are available on site as well, and available in tents.

State of Gratitude Retreat | Yoga Weekend in California | Mindful Vacations

Campsite features

  • 30 secluded acre
  • 900 sqft outdoor shaded yoga and stage platform
  • 1800 sqft indoor heated furnished teepee with full soundsystem
  • 480 sqft swimming pool + decking + 1700 sqft beach sand area + DJ booth + shade structure
  • Large saloon with full kitchen and lounge area
  • Multiple sound systems
  • Individual showers over hardwood floors drain into a greywater system to minimize groundwater pollution.
  • A “leave a better trace” camp. We minimize our ecological footprint to preserve the pristine natural environment of this magical space.
  • Learn more about the site at CIELOS.CO


  • 3 Meals Per Day plus snacks.
  • Unlimited beverages including coffee and tea
  • Accommodations for 3 nights
  • Programming 
  • No Alcohol

  • No Transportation to Lucid Rose 

Refund Policy

  • No Refunds.
  • Tickets are transferable.

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