The State of Gratitude Experience

APRIL 18-21, 2024
Leave your world behind, because out here, it is just us.

Watch our video from Experience #1 here


Join us for a weekend like no other! Out in this oasis we will enjoy a curated experience packed with yoga, hiking, community meals, meditation, and community. At night we will be joined with live DJ sets and campfires to enjoy everything this magical place has to offer.

Join us for a weekend of connection as we disconnect, realign, and elevate our vibrations.

Price includes all programming, premium swag bags, food, and glamping-style accomodations.

Please Note* this is a dry event (no alcohol or drugs). We believe that to fully immerse in the experience, the use of these substances does not allow for participants to be fully present. The State of Gratitude Experiences team prides itself on being a safe space for all participants for all to enjoy. 

This experience is a true manifestation of incorporating beautiful souls from all over in order to facilitate a truly unique experience every single time.

Come with an open mind and leave the rest to us. 

A sneak peek at some programming to include:

  • Yoga
  • Astrology
  • Pool parties 
  • Guided hikes
  • Bonfires
  • Guided meditations
  • Journaling
  • AMAZING organic, locally sourced, farm-to-table meals

Optional massage services available upon request at an extra cost.




Ela is an experienced Wellness Professional (E-RYT 200) currently based in Austin, TX. With a background in Chicago and NYC, she has taught over 1,500+ hours of yoga. Energetic and passionate, Ela aims to share her knowledge and empower her students. Her teachings emphasize perseverance, both mentally and physically, encouraging students to tap into their inner strength. Beyond the mat, Ela inspires practitioners to apply yogic principles in their daily lives.
She believes in creating a human connection in our technology-driven world and welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. Through her own transformative journey, Ela discovered the power of yoga, finding peace and presence through meditation. She now encourages others to embrace their potential and live authentically.




Jil, a movement leader in Miami comes with 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. You can expect an untraditional approach to her vinyasa flow focusing heavy on alignment, strength and the power of transitions. She draws her inspiration for class from her passions such as martial arts, weight lifting, and Calisthenics. Yoga‘s biggest gifts have been Jil‘s newfound patience and the ability to use one’s breath to get through any stressful situation. When not working out you can find her in the kitchen, cooking and baking everything from scratch .
Jil is excited to share her dedication to movement with the State of Gratitude community and can’t wait to wake up to the sound of birds chirping with you, next April!



Carter Miles is a professional yogi. He got into health, wellness, mindfulness and eventually yoga with in pursuit of ‘feeling good’ and that is what directs his practice and teaching. Sometimes thats a firey vinyasa practice, other times it’s juicy and restorative.
He has trained in and teaches a variety of yoga styles and is constantly expanding his knowledge and practice in different directions. It’s always a rich and unique experience with Carter, a blending of old school, new school and no school. 




With recovery being the most important thing in his life, Chris loves to encourage and create events which people together. This is how State of Gratitude was born. More than just a clothing and accessories brand, State of Gratitude encourages the adoption of the lifestyle that comes with wearing the brand. He is an avid yogi, explorer, and gratitude junkie who has devoted his life to creating safe spaces for any and everyone to come together to celebrate the beauty that is life. Chris is experienced in leading conversations on Gratitude and Manifestation workshops and encouraging activities which lead and promote active and healthy lifestyles on a daily basis. 


Jacq became obsessed with astrology after getting a kismet Birth Chart reading for her birthday eight years ago. It drove her to dive deep into learning, discovering, and devouring all of the information she could find on it. Applying the tools, principles, and knowledge has helped her gain deep self-love, confidence, clarity, conviction, and acceptance. She’s strengthened her relationships, traveled the World, found immense success, and helped others along the way. Now Jacq aims to share her gifts with others so they can feel seen and be liberated to be who they really are. Jacq aims to make astrology fun, simple, easy, and digestible and makes it her mission and purpose to help and inspire people to live their best life.




"Live your life as if you've never made a poor decision"
Alvin was guided into his spiritual path by way of mental health, holistic and spiritual alternatives. His journey began with subconscious mind shifting, theta healing, meditation and recovery outside of a 12-step program.
As a self taught teacher, Alvin is always evolving and becoming deeper in nature. Being a lover of books and the mind, he found himself taking a deep dive into the esoteric realm of tarot, divination and astrology. He naturally enjoys holding vulnerable space for those to share their stories and thoughts, with Source by his side. He has a passion for delivering EMPOWERING readings and positive words of affirmation for those working through recovery, trauma, sex therapy, spiritual integration and working with the LGBTQIA+ communities to align with their North Node. He believes, each person must find their own path and with your permission, he can serve as a guide in your journey.



Scotty, known professionally as “Scootsmac” has spent an ever-developing career and an artist, producer, and DJ. The journey from rock bands to a multi-city DJ based career out of Miami led him to focus on a community focusing on wellness and positive lifestyle. He has since channeled his musical efforts into his most admired form of wellness, yoga. Despite this love, Scootsmac continues to enjoy playing for audiences of all types including night clubs and pool party day clubs of all genres. All parties are welcome and enjoyed! Stay tuned for which set you will find!








Shared Double Tent
Shared Quad Tent
Shared Quad Tent
Shared Twin Bell Tent


All glamping tents are meant to be shared. However, if you choose to have your own tent you can reserve a private tent at an additional fee. Option to rent an RV and park on site is available as well. No RV hookup included.

To check out accomodations options click here

Temperature this time of year ranges from 80s during the day to 50s at night. Please bring appropriate clothing. Heaters are available on site as well, and available in tents.

State of Gratitude Retreat | Yoga Weekend in California | Mindful Vacations

Campsite features

  • 30 secluded acre
  • 900 sqft outdoor shaded yoga and stage platform
  • 1800 sqft indoor heated furnished teepee with full soundsystem
  • 480 sqft swimming pool + decking + 1700 sqft beach sand area + DJ booth + shade structure
  • Large saloon with full kitchen and lounge area
  • Multiple sound systems
  • Individual showers over hardwood floors drain into a greywater system to minimize groundwater pollution.
  • A “leave a better trace” camp. We minimize our ecological footprint to preserve the pristine natural environment of this magical space.
  • Learn more about the site at CIELOS.CO


  • 3 Meals Per Day plus snacks.
  • Unlimited beverages including coffee and tea
  • Accommodations for 3 nights
  • Programming 
  • No Alcohol

  • No Transportation to Crazy Diamond (we are masters at helping you get to the site, so we will assist in finding carpooling options)

Refund Policy

  • No Refunds.
  • Tickets are transferable.

 Did we miss something

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  • Collaboration inquiries to

We love to set up a Whatsapp group chat with all our participants a few weeks prior to the start to the experience, sign up as soon as you know you want to come so you can be a part of the conversation from the beginning! 

    *Avoid processing fees and transaction fees:

    Send funds directly via zelle to please include your name and intended trip "SOG Experience April 2024"