The State of Gratitude Experience


 APRIL 23-27, 2025

Leave your world behind, because out here, it is just us.

Watch our video from Experience #1 here


Join us for a weekend like no other! Out in this world we will enjoy a curated experience packed with yoga, hiking, 5 star meals, meditation, and community. At night we will be joined with live DJ sets and campfires to enjoy everything this magical place has to offer.

Join us for a weekend of connection as we disconnect, realign, and elevate our vibrations.

Price includes all programming, premium swag bags, food, and accommodations.

Please Note* this is a dry event (no alcohol or drugs). We believe that to fully immerse in the experience, the use of these substances does not allow for participants to be fully present. The State of Gratitude Experiences team prides itself on being a safe space for all participants for all to enjoy. 

This experience is a true manifestation of incorporating beautiful souls from all over in order to facilitate a truly unique experience every single time.

Come with an open mind and leave the rest to us. 

A sneak peek at some programming to include:

  • Yoga
  • Hikes through Sequoia National Forest
  • Astrology 
  • Dance classes
  • Bonfires
  • Guided meditations
  • Journaling
  • AMAZING meals both using both organic and locally sourced ingredients

We will have a massage therapist on site for optional massage services available which are available on request at an extra cost.





Fifty feet of brown paper unfurled with black sharpie scribbles, surrounded by candles, bear Tabitha's life story.
Surrounded in a community, she makes 'home' an inside-job wherever she goes.
Compassionate, intuitive, and deeply rooted in meaning of legacy, Tabitha is committed to helping others put their Life to Paper. 
Energy can and should be used for the benefit of all is Tabitha's motto, and storytelling gives her energy to build dreams (her and others) upon.
Tabitha is at her brightest in a room filled with souls and sugo (tomato sauce), creating and sharing stories about life, perseverance, and connection.
Proudly sober. She is best known for making sure nobody gets left behind or forgotten...ever.



Ela is an experienced Wellness Professional (E-RYT 200) currently based in Austin, TX. With a background in Chicago and NYC, she has taught over 1,500+ hours of yoga. Energetic and passionate, Ela aims to share her knowledge and empower her students. Her teachings emphasize perseverance, both mentally and physically, encouraging students to tap into their inner strength. Beyond the mat, Ela inspires practitioners to apply yogic principles in their daily lives.
She believes in creating a human connection in our technology-driven world and welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. Through her own transformative journey, Ela discovered the power of yoga, finding peace and presence through meditation. She now encourages others to embrace their potential and live authentically.




Jil, a movement leader in Miami comes with 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. You can expect an untraditional approach to her vinyasa flow focusing heavy on alignment, strength and the power of transitions. She draws her inspiration for class from her passions such as martial arts, weight lifting, and Calisthenics. Yoga‘s biggest gifts have been Jil‘s newfound patience and the ability to use one’s breath to get through any stressful situation. When not working out you can find her in the kitchen, cooking and baking everything from scratch .
Jil is excited to share her dedication to movement with the State of Gratitude community and can’t wait to wake up to the sound of birds chirping with you, next April!



Brian is the CEO and Founder of Hit of Happiness, a company on a mission to make the world a happier and healthier place. As a Certified Happiness Trainer and Coach, Brian works with individuals and groups to help them identify why they feel stuck and what’s holding them back, move from a state of surviving to thriving, find their why, build happy habits, and turn their dreams into a reality. This is brought to life through individual and group coaching, corporate workshops,  keynotes, offsites, and more. Brian began his career as a Deals Consultant at PwC in NYC after completing his CPA and master’s in accounting from the University of Florida. While finding professional success yet struggling to find balance in the day-to-day, Brian decided to dedicate a year of his life to studying the science of happiness under Harvard professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and become a Certified Happiness Trainer. Realizing that happiness is an inside job, and that happiness can be found in every environment, Brian is now committed to helping individuals live their healthiest, happiest, and most engaged lives by leveraging the science of happiness to strengthen their mindset and habits.
Brian spent his last year at PwC in the Human Capital Center of Excellence focused on building programs to motivate, retain, and incentivize their employees. While at PwC, Brian led several workshops on happiness and wellbeing for audiences greater than 2,000 people. Brian also completed his MBA from UCLA Anderson with a focus in Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship.




Owner and Founder of State of Gratitude.
With recovery being the most important thing in his life, Chris loves to encourage and create events which bring people together. This is how State of Gratitude was born. More than just a clothing and accessories brand, State of Gratitude encourages the adoption of the lifestyle that comes with wearing the brand. He is an avid yogi, explorer, and gratitude junkie who has devoted his life to creating safe spaces for any and everyone to come together to celebrate the beauty that is life. Chris is experienced in leading conversations on Gratitude and Manifestation workshops and encouraging activities which lead and promote active and healthy lifestyles on a daily basis. 





The Friz is a visionary Producer, Vocalist, and DJ whose artistry unfolds a mesmerizing sonic universe that defies traditional genres. Fusing realms of Electronic-Bass music with the spiritual healing powers of sound. The Friz is a kaleidoscope of influences, weaving together elements of World Bass, Tribal Trap, Dubstep, Downtempo, Ambient soundscapes, and many more, into a unique and spellbinding sonic tapestry. Her original songs and DJ sets immerse you in a dance of solar and lunar energies, taking you on a transcendental journey of self-discovery, connection, and freedom. 




"Live your life as if you've never made a poor decision"
Alvin was guided into his spiritual path by way of mental health, holistic and spiritual alternatives. His journey began with subconscious mind shifting, theta healing, meditation and recovery outside of a 12-step program.
As a self taught teacher, Alvin is always evolving and becoming deeper in nature. Being a lover of books and the mind, he found himself taking a deep dive into the esoteric realm of tarot, divination and astrology. He naturally enjoys holding vulnerable space for those to share their stories and thoughts, with Source by his side. He has a passion for delivering EMPOWERING readings and positive words of affirmation for those working through recovery, trauma, sex therapy, spiritual integration and working with the LGBTQIA+ communities to align with their North Node. He believes, each person must find their own path and with your permission, he can serve as a guide in your journey.



Scotty, known professionally as “Scootsmac” has spent an ever-developing career and an artist, producer, and DJ. The journey from rock bands to a multi-city DJ based career out of Miami led him to focus on a community focusing on wellness and positive lifestyle. He has since channeled his musical efforts into his most admired form of wellness, yoga. Despite this love, Scootsmac continues to enjoy playing for audiences of all types including night clubs and pool party day clubs of all genres. All parties are welcome and enjoyed! Stay tuned for which set you will find!



Dave and Natalie, both seasoned professionals in the dance and film industries, unite to bring an infectious energy to their dance classes. Their sessions cater to all ages and skill levels, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included. With a diverse mix of hip hop, salsa, jazz, and pure enjoyment, their classes offer a unique blend of experience gleaned from their work in TV, movies, concerts, and music videos. Get ready for a dance experience unlike any other!

ALIX WILSON (Production Manager)




Ali has been an educator for over 15 years with children of all ages. 11 years ago she began a journey of recovery for and in that time became a passionate advocate for spiritual, emotional, and mental health. One of her many talents is the ability to curate one of a kind growth experiences for those around her. She has been with State of Gratitude from the onset of the company with its founder, Chris, and she is a firm believer in the brand.  Watching State of Gratitude grow and evolve into the company it has become, and being a part of its growth, will always be a source of love and pride for her. 





Welcome Flow
Get your body moving, explore, and shake off your travel day. Move with your breath, the sound of nature, or follow along step by step. There is no right or wrong, just flow.
Invigorating Flow
Start your day off with this Invigorating Flow class, an all levels vinyasa flow that will leave you feeling awake, empowered, and ready for a day of fun & exploration. We will incorporate some slow movements, breathwork, peak postures with optional modifications, and then we will transition into a restorative and regenerating rest to start our day.
Strength Flow
It's like a crispy chicken sandwich, soft at the beginning and end, intense and hard in the center.
We warm up, we work hard, and then hip open even harder. If you are not afraid to drop some sweat or tears, this practice is for you.
Alignment Flow
Slow down, Focus, and Align. Workout the minute details your body has been missing in your yoga practice with this educational vinyasa flow. This class is for all the newbees, oldbees, and everything in between. If you are a power vinyasa practitioner, we got you too. 
Om Believable!
This is a unique yoga class opportunity, that's one of a kinda and you're not going to want to miss! Think of this class as a party power yoga with a collaborative playlist by DJ Scootsmac, woop woop! The vibes will be high and the energy will be electric. Come ready to flow, jam out, and have some fun!
Hit Of Happiness
“The Path to Happiness w/ Brian Dubow”
Description: Join us for a workshop with the founder of Hit of Happiness and Certified Happiness Trainer, Brian Dubow. During this session, Brian will walk us through the various dimensions of a happy life and help everyone understand their next step on the path to happiness. This workshop will be reflective and collaborative, so bring a pen and paper, an inquisitive mind, and an open heart.
"Finding your purpose"  North Node Astrology Workshop
Lead by: Counselor Alvin
"The purpose of our lives is to be happy"--Tenzin Gyatso (The 14th Dalai Lama)
The North Node in our natal chart represents where you're going in this lifetime.  It reveals the energy you need to harness in order to fulfill your soul's mission. It may currently be unknown to us, but waiting for its fulfillment is like nothing else we've experienced. For some, our purpose can be our professional life, for others it may be much simpler. Come with an open mind and willing to explore your life's purpose! 
Many people believe that the North Lunar Node sign tells us what we are striving for in this lifetime. They believe the South Lunar Node sign is all about what baggage we need to release from a previous lifetime. Even if you don’t believe in past lives or reincarnation, you can interpret the North Node as what might be useful for you to learn for more growth throughout your life, and the South Node as habits that could be useful to examine or even shed.
Life to Paper: Embrace a State of Gratitude Workshop
Join Tabitha Rose, Founder of Life to Paper Publishing, on an immersive journey through the art of Life to Paper at our upcoming workshop. Through this transformative process, participants will explore the therapeutic and healing power of putting Life to Paper, delving into life's major turning points with introspection and clarity. As we navigate these moments on paper, we cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude, embracing a State of Gratitude that resonates within us and radiates outward. This workshop is more than just writing; it's about fostering positivity, inspiration, and a commitment to service to others. Join us on this enriching endeavor to become more mindful, compassionate, empowered, and grateful individuals.
Radiant Rhythms: Dance Therapy
Join Dave and Natalie as we turn once what was an impromptu dance class into an SOG staple! Praised by many attendees as the top highlight of the trip, this will be sure to get you moving and shaking to popular music we all know and love. 




There are four categories of accommodations: Cabins, Yurts, Bunk House, and Camping.

  • Cabins contain from 1-4 bedrooms. All cabins have at least 1 bath/shower, Full Kitchen, and Decks with Magnificent Views of the Mountains and/or Valley. Only Cabin 9 has a sink and outdoor shower, but can utilize the communal bath house.
  • Yurts contain either One Queen Sized Bed, 1 Queen Sized Bed with 2 Single Beds, or 4 Single Beds. All yurts have a private sitting area, picnic table, and share a communal bath house with 4 showers, 2 sinks, and 4 toilets (Newly Renovated).
  • Bunk House contains minimum 12 single beds for those looking for chic accommodations on a budget. These will be partitioned to allow for some privacy between beds, and lockers. These accommodations will share a communal bath house with 4 showers, 2 sinks, and 4 toilets (new). 
  • Camp by bringing your own gear and setting up your home for the weekend in this magical forest. You will have access to our communal bath house. 


All pricing is done by accommodations. For instance, if you want a bedroom in a cabin, you can book the bedroom in the cabin for yourself or for you and a guest. The price does not change with the additional guest. 

If you are traveling here solo, let us know if you want to share a space with another solo traveler and we will match you up with another person of the same gender! 

No RV hookups.

Sample Cabin

Sample Yurt

Temperature this time of year ranges from 70s during the day to 50s at night. Please bring appropriate clothing. Heat is included in all accommodations.


Campsite features

At almost 5000 feet altitude, Sequoia Highland Camp has wonderful views of a valley on one side and mountains on the other side. Situated on 120 acres of forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Kings Canyon at only 200 from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Easily accessible and ideally located for visits to Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks.

Sequoia Highland Camp is home to a number of cabins, yurts, a pond, meadows, and a forest for all to enjoy in the pristine Sierra wilderness.

Additional facilities include the Bungalow (recreation room), the Kitchen, the Cloud (yoga studio), the Dome, and so much more. 


  • 3 Meals Per Day plus snacks.
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Accommodations for 4 nights
  • Programming 
  • No Alcohol

  • No Transportation to Sequoia Highland Camp (we are masters at helping you get to the site, so we will assist in finding carpooling options)

Refund Policy

  • No Refunds.
  • Tickets are transferable.

 Did we miss something

  • Questions regarding this event can be emailed to
  • Collaboration inquiries to

We love to set up a Whatsapp group chat with all our participants a few weeks prior to the start to the experience, sign up as soon as you know you want to come so you can be a part of the conversation from the beginning! 

    *Avoid processing fees and transaction fees:

    Send funds directly via zelle to please include your name and intended trip "SOG Experience April 2025"

    Ready to secure a spot? Select an option that best fits your needs! Or you can shoot us an email and we can send you a CC Authorization Form to set you up with automatic recurring monthly payments to make it easier to digest over time!