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Two Years!

State of Gratitude Wellness Retreat | Group Hike Los Padres National Forest | Gratitud TripExactly one month ago, we completed our first highly anticipated State of Gratitude Wellness Retreat! Not only did we book every tent on site, but it went amazing. We even had the opportunity to co-sponsor some spots with Westwind Recovery of Los Angeles to give some newly sober individuals the opportunity to take part in our experience! 

And, after listening to everyone and their comments and joy on the trip, we decided that next year was too long too wait for a second one! So onwards with September 22-25, 2022. Roughly 4 months away from now, at the end of the summer, beginning of Fall, when the hot summer desert days are beginning to cool off again. We will be returning to Cielos to retreat in this desert oasis. 

We will be bringing back the same crew, Julia Kaufman, Luis Jimenez, Caroline Lacy, plus one fresh face Harper Botorowicz! She is not only an incredible human, but also an incredible yogi and hypnotherapist! She will be conducting a group hypnotherapy session during our time in the desert! It will be something you sure don’t want to miss. We will also be taking what we know and learned from April and implementing some minor scheduling changes to make this round even more magical! 

It is beyond my wildest dreams that all of this has come to fruition as quickly as it has. What started off as an idea, of creating tees with a strong statement has evolved into a living community, an entity in among itself. The State of Gratitude is built up by all of you who wear and spread this message this message every single day. 

With that being said, Today is OUR Two Year Anniversary. Two years ago today, we launched as a simple website with just three different colors of tees in a range of sizes, and today we are so much more than a tee shirt. We are a message, we are an impact, we are together a collective State with the dream and desire of encouraging and lifting one another up in gratitude. This appreciation for the lives we live and the statement on our clothes is an outward reflection of the inward desire to remain in gratitude always. 


Happy Two Years Everyone! To many, many more! 

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