What is a No Bar Experience?!

What is a No Bar Experience?!

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We are more than half way through the month of January to my birthday on January 26th. Tacky? Maybe. Anticlimactic? Yes. Since birthday parties and large gathering are irresponsible. 32 will be celebrated on Zoom this year. Small intimate gathering of 2, me and my lovely roommate Jessica. All things considered, I am grateful for another year of life and a reason to celebrate in the future. Happy Birthday to all my fellow January birthdays and Aquarius siblings!!!

My life in a state of gratitude and sobriety has been amazing, but also challenging at times. Alcohol is something that is an integral part of many people’s lives, some of them, in a healthy, responsible capacity. Some of us, have the ability to go to a traditional bar or club and enjoy these places, while avoiding the temptation to drink. Others, may not be able to enjoy a night out dancing or go to a show, where alcohol is freely flowing. 

As of lately, I have noticed all across the country the uprising of the modern sober (no bar) nightlife experience. Some of you may or may not be familiar with events which I am referring to. For those who aren’t familiar, they are basically parties with music, food, and possibly vendors, where patrons can feel free to attend knowing they will be surrounded by individuals of similar interests and lifestyles (drug and alcohol free). This alternative, has been becoming more and more popular within sober communities in bigger cities to help create alternatives to the traditional nightclub on a weekend night. Here in Miami, we have begun Nobar events that have started to come to fruition on a monthly basis in order to bring like-minded people together from all walks of life. During my time in Austin, Texas,  I recall a similar, Sans Bar experience going on there as well. 

Like Green Environmental Movements and Gratitude Nation, Healthier Living is something which we all aspire for in this life and it is here to stay. Over the past years, the acknowledgement of mental illness awareness has brought addiction and many other ailments to the forefront. A we move forward in this more socially conscious and responsible world, I am proud to be a part of a movement towards my mental and emotional stability. The sober fad is here, but it’s definitely not going to fade any time soon. 

And, for all those local South Floridians.. State of Gratitude will be at this upcoming No Bar Experience in Miami on January 30th from 7pm - midnight. You can find flyers and information on our instagram (@state.of.gratitude) or our Facebook Page. Be sure to stop by our pop up and say hello! 

With Gratitude, 


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