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Thoughts on a Plane

State of Gratitude | Thoughts on a Plane | American Airlines | Grateful Apparel

Currently, I am sitting on a plane somewhere over what I can only imagine is the State of Texas or perhaps the Gulf of Mexico. As I sit journaling, I am thinking to myself about the upcoming weekend ahead. It should be an interesting one in the least. I am off to a bachelor party weekend for my best friend from college in Scottsdale, AZ. Yes. I didn’t mistype. Believe it. 

At the age of 32, this will actually be my first bachelor party of any sort, I have also never been to a bachelorette party. Granted, I have been an unexpected, unintentional guest at many, as I have spent many years working in the service industry. Tending the every need of each member of the group and being sure that each one of them was particularly sauced up on liquor. I am no stranger to what goes on during these “outings” and I am oddly enough, excited to be able to partake in this outing for my dear (and not so innocent) friend. I’m also going to be the only sober one in the group too. So, this should make it a little more interesting. 

The groom and I met many years ago, in the quaint town of Boston, Massachusetts during what I believe was Freshman Orientation at Boston College. We were both incoming freshman to the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, both going for Finance concentrations. The groom was actually the first person I met from my Class. We would proceed to then become friends, take classes, eventually live for the next three years, go on spring break vacations, get into a lot of trouble, and graduate together. 

After graduating college, I moved to New York and the Groom remained in Boston. Our lives would very seldom intersect for longer than a day at most over the past ten years. We graduated in May of 2011, a very, intoxicated morning, and now in July 2021, a completely sober contrast. Our lives have taken us to the two furthest points from that quaint little Boston place. And, if you have read any of my previous blog posts would know how I predominately spent those past ten years since graduating college up until the past couple years, building a life in Miami… The Groom is building a beautiful life for him and his wife in San Francisco. 

It’s hard to not try and draw some sort of comparison between his life and mine as I am sitting here on this four hour flight from Miami to Phoenix. But, as I think of all the things that each one of us has in our lives, or how the time since has been spent. There is no shame, guilt, or remorse on my end about all the things I didn’t accomplish. I’m far past that. Only gratitude. 

The only memories that are flooding into my head and heart at this moment are the beautiful and fun moments that we have shared over the years. I am overjoyed at the opportunity to make new memories to recall back on for years to come. To be able to be my best self and a friend to someone who deserves a friend. It’s time to be the person that I have always aspired to be, a friend. This weekend is not about me. The past ten years have been all about me, the selfish nature of my disease causes selfishness beyond comprehension. I don’t have to be that selfish individual anymore. I can be present. I can be of service to others. I can be a son. I can be a friend. I can be me, no mask, no filter (unless it’s for the gram). 

Today, I am in a true State of Gratitude, for all the blessing that I have in my life today. And, for all the mistakes the past because they have brought me to where I am today. 

With Gratitude Always, 


(spoiler alert - he’s actually already married to his wife, has been for two years, and due to the pandemic has had to postpone these formal festivities a few times) 

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