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The Reality or Perception of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Another word vs grateful | Gratitude symbol | Larger than life synonym | Synonym grateful | Grateful apparel | State of Gratitude | Stateofgratitude

Back in a Miami after a brief hiatus, I feel like a debutante marking my return to the Magic City. But today, there is a different city on my mind, Salt Lake City. I have to admit I am a huge fan of the Real Housewives franchises! All the cities, sign me up, Andy Cohen I am here ready to be a guest on Watch What Happens Live! 

I may be the first to say something like this, but this three part reunion has me inspired to write on a topic that has come to my mind. I feel like there is a very strong message that can be taken away from this reunion special. 

I wanna take a moment and think about this. This is their first season, this is a group of women who are being followed and recorded for the first time over the course of many months. Combined with doing a multitude of one-on-one interviews, these producers have all the material in the world to portray these women in any way, shape, or form as they feel fit to create a worthwhile TV show. Lisa (on the show) is portray as narcissistic, self-absorbed, and a snob. Yet, she constantly defends her actions and interviews under the guise of being honest, when it seems like she sees herself as better than everyone else on the show. There is nothing wrong with confidence, confidence is truly important and a sense of self is important to accomplish goals in our lives. 

When I take a picture of myself, I have the opportunity to review it before let’s say I broadcast it out to the social media universe. If I don’t like how I am standing or my facial expression, I can retake the photo and delete the old one. These women are not exactly given the same situation. Which can be both good and bad. Let’s say one day, 15 people walk up to me and tell me that my shirt or my breath stinks. Regardless of whether or not it is true, at what point do I listen to others? What if my breath smells good? Good to me? What if my breath actually smells? 

Perception isn’t always reality. However, a balance and understanding of ourselves is equally as important. A very influential individual once said, “The opposite of addiction is connection (Brene Brown)." This quote means so much to me because so much of our human instinct relies on socializing and interacting with other humans. 

While I was in the midst of my addiction, it was difficult for me to see the reality of my circumstances and life. I saw myself as composed, confident, and strong. I also saw myself as a victim and that all the problems I had were the fault of another individual. 

The answer I found was through reflection and serenity (inner peace). I was fortunate enough to see where others were coming from and understand where I may have wronged others in the process or what my part was in the circumstances. 

Assholes are like opinions, we all have one. It takes a different kind of individual to establish healthy boundaries and understand the needs and wants of others whom we surround ourselves with. These housewives have allowed me to realize that not all that we perceive is reality. At the same time, there is no smoke without fire. 

These are all things I am keeping in my mind today. I could chose to drive myself crazy over the thoughts and opinions of other people. Or I can choose to do the very best I can and make the next right decision as I approach the forks in the past. 

Today, I am aligning myself with my inner core values and striving towards living in them. 

Today, I live in a State of Gratitude. 

Christopher Bilyk

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