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The path walked, not driven.

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Nothing in life is easy. Nothing in life worth doing comes quickly. Throughout this journey we all call life, There is only thing that has resonated as being true, always. If you want to build something successfully, it’s going to take time and patience. 

Today, December 8th, 2020 marks the end of a very difficult time in my life. 

As I have shared many times in the past. A major turning point in my life was when I found myself confronted with a few legal troubles in the past. I couldn’t seem to get my shit together, and kept getting DUIs. Through the course of the time following the last incident, I found myself facing a driver’s license suspension and two probation terms in two different FL counties. Being on probation sucks, for lack of a better word. Even worse is the kind which requires you call in every day awaiting a signal to go and get drug tested. Imagine, calling a hotline every morning hoping that they don’t say the color “Turquoise”, because if the color for the day is “Turquoise” then dropping everything to make arrangements to go and get screened become priority - before 5pm. 

Well as of today, l no longer have to make those phone calls and that chapter in my life is over. I am officially a free man! Not only am I free of probation, but I am free of the chains of addiction and chaos in my life that rendered it out of control. My life today does not have to be chaotic. My life today gets to be a little bit better than it was before. 

When I started State of Gratitude, I was not perfect. And I am definitely not perfect today. However, what I do have is progress and the ability to be a slightly better person than I was yesterday. In a few days time, I will have the opportunity to drive my own car, and bring myself a little closer to being a little more independent. 

With all that being said, it’s important that I remember that all good things come with time and patience. The road to get to this point that I am at today has taken many years, and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. The privileges and the things that we take for granted every day are far more appreciated now than ever. This past weekend we had the opportunity to showcase State of Gratitude at local Circular Gallery, and the turnout was amazing, it is nice to see that even in these trying times we can all still show up for one another in some way, shape, or form - responsibly. 

While I do not wish anyone to go through what I went through, the situations, incidents, and circumstances I have overcome have made me into the man that I am today. For that, I am grateful to be on the other side. If you or someone you know is going through a hard time and struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel, remember it’s always dark before it’s light. You are not alone. Together we can be remarkable. 

Kindness to others and yourself goes a long way. Stay safe this holiday season and bundle up! It’s cold out there today! It’s definitely hoodie weather here in Miami! 

With Gratitude, 

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