State of Gratitude | Gratitud | Grateful Apparel | Attitude of | Grateful vs thankful | Another word vs grateful | Gratitude symbol

Temporary Frustrations, Fleeting Emotions, Endless Gratitude

State of Gratitude | Gratitud | Grateful Apparel | Attitude of | Grateful vs thankful | Another word vs grateful | Gratitude symbol

There are moments in our lives that we can’t control. An argument with a friend or lover, a poor result on an exam, or coming short of an intended goal, just to name a few, are all negative circumstances or situations that will arise one point or another in our lives. It could be a reality for many of us at the present moment. 

There are two crucial things that I have come to learn from my past that have been able to make these situations a little less, frustrating. The first being understanding my part in the particular circumstance. Meaning… “How did I cause or affect the situation?” And, “How do I chose to react?” 

These conflicts and situations are what define the human experience since they can create or break formidable ties that connect us with others. In my experience, conflict resolution has been the greatest form of character building (or breaking) I have experienced my lifetime. The ability to navigate (or fall apart) during tough times is a learning experience, and an opportunity to learn and grow. 

The practice of gratitude for me has helped to realize and appreciate the relationships I have with others rather than focus on the negative traits of another individual. Often times, we are told that you can’t change another individual, no matter how hard we may try. It is better to accept someone as they come, with all their perceived faults. And, I should be treated the same. I am by no means a perfect individual wrapped in all my State of Gratitude apparel, preaching holier than thou. But, it is not perfection that I want, it is progress. Progress towards creating better connections with the individuals around me, connections based in truth, not superficiality. 

By living every day in a State of Gratitude, we can appreciate the beauty of all the things around us and truly accept one another for who we really are. Frustrations are feelings that diminish over time. Gratitude is endless. 

Today, as I go through life’s difficulties, I choose to embrace the intention of living in a State of Gratitude rather than focusing on fleeting uncontrollable emotions. 


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