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State of Gratitude's Second Grant Recipient is... Jarod Leddy!

State of Gratitude | Jarod Leddy | State of Gratitude Grant | State of Gratitude USA

It is with great pleasure and honor that I announce our second grant recipient, Jarod Leddy! 

Let's all give Mr. Leddy a nice round of applause! When I first saw his application come across my desk, my first response was pure joy. Why? Because I saw an applicant who embodied all the characteristics of someone who I believed would truly benefit from our support. 

He is an individual who is not only committed and hardworking, but also very involved in the lives of those around him helping others find their way to recovery. Leddy not only chairs meetings but has also started a book club reading books which help give way to more difficult conversations surrounding recovery.

He has already proven himself as a wonderful and charismatic individual of the community. I cannot wait to see what is in store for future. 

Congratulations Jarod Leddy!!!

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