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Holiday Madness meets Serenity

State of Gratitude | Attitude of Gratitude | Gratitud | Synonym for grateful | With gratitude | Grateful Apparel

Now that the 2020 holiday season is just about behind us all, the new year is right around the corner, and it’s a been a hell of a year.

Some of us lost loved ones, some of jobs, financial security, and many of us haven’t figured out what the heck we are doing. But just as certain that the sun always sets at end of a long day, the sun will always rise to start a new one. I have learned through the course of this long, relentless year, that we really only have a day at a time. 

Goals. Realistic, day to day, goals. That is what has brought me through this year. As well as, trusting the process. Whatever that may look like on a daily basis. And lastly, being flexible. As humans, we are conditioned to be creatures of habit, which rely on a constant series of flow on activities throughout the day by which to live. 

This year and this holiday season has really put life into perspective. Figuring out what is important. A true test to relationships and figuring out what we value and what we want from life. 

Remaining in a State of Gratitude for the gifts we have and are able to give is always important. We shouldn’t wait for the holidays for us to be grateful for the things we have, it should be a practice which is incorporated into our every day lives. Journaling Gratitude Lists. Putting the archaic pen to archaic paper is something which holds greater value than just simply writing something on a computer or on a phone. However, kudos if you are writing them at all. Regardless of the medium by which you chose to write them. Any form is equally commendable since the practice of daily gratitude is something hard to achieve on a daily basis. With that being said there is something unique to writing it down by hand that connects you on a deeper basis with the words put to script. The brain is an intricate machine and operates differently when writing versus typing. Try it sometime. Let me know what you think. If you think I’m bologna then that’s cool too. I like bologna. 

As we encroach on 2021, let us give ourselves the gift of gratitude for having made it through a tough year. As we hope for the best, let us also be strong and resilient to take on whatever may come our way in the coming year. 


With Gratitude, 



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