Now that’s a Gratitude Wrap

Now that’s a Gratitude Wrap

State of Gratitude Wrap | Gratitude Wrap | Steel Blue and Silver Bracelet | Made in Miami | Social Impact | Gratitud

When I first started State of Gratitude, I had a vision of creating something unique and special. Specifically, by creating a collection of goods that truly embody the lifestyle of someone who understands what it means to live in a true state of gratitude. What started small as three tees in three in different colors… has grown to so much more as we continue to add to our selection of goods. 

Something that I have always wanted to create are gratitude wraps. More specifically, versatile, infinity wraps. These wraps are made from unique colored, seed beans that have the ability to be worn and used so many different ways. 

A big part of what what makes something beautiful is the story that goes along with it. Creating a connection to each piece in a collection is my driving force behind my gratitude wraps. Personally, I enjoy pieces that are simple and unrefined. That contain a natural and effortless elegance to it. However, I will tell you that the work behind the gratitude wraps is anything but effortless. 

Each wrap contains over 1000 (one thousand) seed beans, individually strung with intention by me here in Miami. Each wrap contains a .925 sterling silver bar molded with our signature State of Gratitude print. It's a subtle, yet pronounced against the contrasting beads that it is sure to catch anyone’s attention. 

Each wrap is about 52 inches in length, 26 inches in diameter and made with nylon string so it is sure never to break, but will give it's owner a snug fit around the wrist.

This gratitude wrap can be worn on your wrist, or as a necklace. I find that the wrap will go around my wrist about 6-7 times. As a necklace, you could choose for leaving it long with no wrapping around the neck or create a layered look with multiple wraps. Both are amazing options and are a mindful accessory for any look or style. 

Lastly, my only wish, is that when you get your Gratitude wrap… that for every time you wrap it, you create a new gratitude intention for yourself. Come up with as many as you can as you go. Intention leads to Manifestation; and Manifestation leads to Reality.  

State of Gratitude, Always.


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