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New Year, New Intentions, New Gratitude

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As we get cozy in this new year, I was reminded that the beginning of January is a time in which we make New Year’s Resolutions! You know, those things that we promise to do, but then end up forgetting about by the time February rolls around… 

Well as luck would have it, I had the pleasure of coming across my resolutions list from the prior year, and I have to say… I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were there things on the list that I said I would do and actually followed through on… but there was even a mention of living in a State of Gratitude. Often times I am asked where did you come up with the phrase, or why did you chose that to name your initiative after. And honestly, my answer is that it is something that I have held closely in my mind since the moment I chose to change the trajectory of my life and live one that was healthy both mentally and physically. Living in a State of Gratitude is something that we can say a million times over, but without conviction it is simply just a saying. Gratitude into practice means not only loving others and the lives we live, but first and foremost loving ourselves. 

Loving myself enough to realize that I am enough, and that the struggles I face today are going to go away, and that there is a plan for me in this world. The results of our actions may not always be available in the immediate moment, but intention is something that we can control. 

For 2021, let us not look to resolutions as a finite goal, but rather lets create intentions for this coming year that last beyond December 31, 2021. My hope is not to start from scratch this year, or forget about what happened last year, but to build upon the knowledge and wisdom gained through my experiences. 

I definitely didn’t earn gold stars or straight As, with all the goals and intentions I set forth for myself this past year. But hey, this only creates a better foundation for which to continue to grow. 

Miami in January is my favorite time of year. Not only is the weather incredible, but it is also my birthday month. To all the astrology kids out there, yes, I am an Aquarius. 

I look forward to a blessed month of much prosperity, wisdom, and guidance. I wish the same for all of you. 

With Gratitude



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