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State of Gratitude | Chris Bilyk | Living Out Gratitude | Limitless | Superblue MiamiWhat would you do if you were propelled 5 1/2 years into the future? To a future that had moved on without you. Families that had accepted you as gone and moved on in your absence. Careers gone, loved ones moved on, and homes lost. 

This reminds me of an exercise I was asked do once. I was asked to write down a list of traits that I felt defined me, my life. At first instinct, I was drawn to write down things such as a brother, a son, an aspiring nurse, etc. But, after a brief discussion, I realized that my first instinct was actually wrong. As life continues, we can lose those titles and what remains? Loyalty, trustworthiness, ambitious, loving. Those are attributes that which cannot be taken from us. 

Thankfully, Manifest is just a show on Netflix and not real life. In the show, passengers of an airplane find themselves thrust into the future in the blink of an eye. Questioning their new found identities is something which resonates with me. For the last couple weeks, as I have binged this show…. I have been happy, sad, angry, annoyed, and jealous, with this show. The beginning there is such gratitude for the returned after being gone for such a long time… then there is sadness, since most of the world as they new it has changed. Imagine today the iPhone 13 comes out, which means that five years back we would have been using an iPhone 7. Just that alone is something to put into perspective. Anger when things don’t align up with how the returned expect the world to operate. Annoyed by having to witness relationships that occurred in that five and a half year span of time. Lastly, jealous, in one sense, it almost appears that they have it easy, with their callings which tell them what it is they are supposed to be doing to follow the right path. 

Then you have me. Laying in my bed, watching hours upon hours of this fiction mystery thriller, beading gratitude wraps and arranging inventory… wondering why I am not getting callings myself?! I would love a good calling or two, the way that they receive them in the show. But the reality is that I don’t. I am not always certain that the path I choose to take is right one. I am not given signs from a Higher Power, immediately notifying me if I chose the wrong path. 

However, as I am mentioned before, had I not have traversed the trail I walked to get to this point. I don’t know if I would be writing this post right now. Who knows where that road may have led me… I am grateful for the path I am on currently, the path that I took in the past because it got me here, and the path I see in the future because I know it will be full of more excitement and surprises. I think that this show is showing me just how quickly life can change, and obstacles can arise. To be grateful for the gift of life and to truly embrace the present. It is also a reminder that I can manifest anything in my life today. Every day, I attempt to push myself to new limits and test the boundaries of my life. 

Gratitude is the key to opening a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Chris Bilyk

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