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In A Far Away Land Called Arizona

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This past week, I traveled outside the Country of Miami to the State of Arizona. Yes, I know I said Country of Miami. I often refer to Miami as a city-state since it so unique from the rest of the country. We have our language, Spanglish. Our heavy South American and European influence ushers in a melting pot of cultural uniqueness that exists only here. And, Fort Lauderdale to most might as well be a part of Canada, since most Miamians would rather Fly to NY or LA than drive into Broward County (no offense to those in Ft Lauderdale, but you all seldom venture south either). 

I was super excited about meeting friends both old and new and embarking on new yogi adventures. As a sober individual traveling to a new place for a hetero-bachelor party, I am excited, but was aware that if I am going to maintain my sanity amongst a group of men, as a gay man in a group of hereto-men, there is definitely a need for an outlet. It was better to plan it before arrival before than wind up emotionally and physically exhausted before the weekend was over. I could already tell that event planner was a heterosexual male, and the weekend was going to a rollercoaster ride due to the vague weekend itinerary provided by the event planner / best man of the wedding / younger brother of the groom. Any homosexual male, or straight woman, would have had a much more elaborate itinerary detailing every minute of every hour ahead of time. But, I signed up for this, I strapped on my seatbelt for this rollercoaster! 

It’s one of the best tools that I have learned over the past couple years. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses, making a plan for what I can do on my own in a new and foreign land (this particular foreign land being - Arizona.

I took it upon myself to research a bunch of yoga studios in the Pheonix/Scottsdale area to be sure that I have an idea of what is in the area in terms of classes and took it upon myself to fly in early so that I could get adjusted before the events begin. 

Upon seeing that temperatures were expected upwards of 104 degrees each day, I packed sufficient light airy clothing to make sure that the heat doesn’t get the best of me and I end up like a raisin by the time that I return to Miami. That included tons of tanks, muscle tanks, caps, a refillable water bottle, and a notebook. Thankfully, the new hats I designed have mesh backing so that my larger than life head can get some breathability, so it doesn’t feel like I am trying to bake a cake on the top of my head. 

Lately in Miami, I have become a huge fan of infrared-heated yoga studios, so I researched places that boast this sort of environment indoors. Although in all realness, I’m sure any class outside would feel hotter than Hades, so I didn't think I was going to have a problem finding a warm environment to be in. Luckily I found an amazing studio called Radi8 Hot Yoga, which was exactly what I needed while I was there. Highly recommend if you are traveling to the Pheonix area. 

Let me know what you think and what you do when you travel with to make sure your personal needs are adequately met. If you have any recommendations or comments, let us know! 


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