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Miami Full Moon Yoga + Meditation Gathering Contributes to Grant Fund

What a beautiful evening! Every so often we are graced with the presence of special individuals. The universe has a way of bringing individuals into our lives, sometimes we take them for granted, sometimes we don’t know why, and other times we choose to ignore the potential. 

Everything happens for a reason. So cliche, I know. But the more cliche the more truth there is behind it. This past weekend was something that was completely unexpected to us. Every day is a new opportunity and as long we are open and willing to accept help, feedback, and advice the opportunities are endless. In my previous life, I would often struggle with feedback, often taking things personally rather than constructively. When an opportunity would vanish, I would more often than not, focus endless amounts of time and energy on what went wrong or trying to fix a situation. The ability to move on and learn from mistakes is something that didn’t come naturally to me. 

The journey of life and living in a State of Gratitude has provided me with the ability to be more solutions-focused and understand that sometimes things in life go wrong, no matter how good or bad we have been in the past. 

The energy that surrounds New and Full moons is powerful and gives the opportunity to reflect more periodically on our surroundings and actions. It is also an opportunity to set new intentions for ourselves as well as rid ourselves of traits or aspects that no longer serve us any purpose. 

State of Gratitude was honored to be the initiative selected to sponsor this past Full Moon gathering, filled with beautiful souls, shopping, yoga, meditation, reflection, and homemade Cacao from the event organizers. 

As a result of this event State of Gratitude was able to obtain enough funds to supply a new grant opportunity for an individual who is in early recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. We are honored and grateful to have been a part of this beautiful practice and can’t wait to attend future events where you can also shop new and popular looks before they even have the chance to hit our site. 

Thank you so much instagram's @luisinmotion and @lalunawisdom for providing this wonderful and amazing evening to the community. 

State of Gratitude, Always.  

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