A Blog Life.

A Blog Life.

We are going to take you on a journey as we explore what it means to live in a constant STATE OF GRATITUDE. Through this channel we can explore different methods and ideas that have helped myself and others achieve a sense of serenity in life. 

Topics will include things such as yoga, meditation, eating right, gratitude, and many others coupled with expert opinions and inputs, we can learn how to be better individuals one day at a time. 

We can achieve anything TOGETHER.


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Congrats on this meaningful, helpful project! Enjoyed your interview on kgay1065.com radio today out of Palm Springs. Agree with Tony – our best self is via self-care first. We become selfless helpers of others. Onward with Love and Compassion.

John D Miami

Nice concept…consider adding “Do something nice for someone daily, and do something nice for yourself daily.” You will find that it is easy to do something nice for others, however, it is very difficult to do something nice for yourself. And, remember the old adage “He who expects perfection from his friends shall be friendless.”

Tony Agurto

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