Watermark Names Chris Bilyk - 20 Most Remarkable People of 2020!

Wow, I am beside myself! I couldn't believe that I was not only considered, but chosen to be a part of this list of amazing individuals! I appreciate every word. 

I hope that this holiday season we all chose Gratitude this year as our number one priority. So much has occurred throughout this year. Not only has it been an opportunity to reflect on the most important things in this life, but also to inwardly on what matters most. 

While the year 2020 has provided this world with much disturbance and grief, so many have lost their lives but others have found theirs. We take our blessings as they come and realize that they are precious. 

Thank you for naming me a part of this list. And I look forward to much more gratitude in the future and into 2021. 



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