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Memory Lane Part 1 of 2 - KEVIN V!

We sat down with Kevin Voeltz this week to catch up with him since he received our first state of gratitude grant over 6 months ago!  We cover all the hot topics such as puppies, living alone in recovery, support systems, and celebrating a year of continuous sobriety... and many more.  Congratulations Kevin we are soo proud of you! Keep it up!   

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State of Gratitude's Second Grant Recipient is... Jarod Leddy!

 It is with great pleasure and honor that I announce our second grant recipient, Jarod Leddy!  Let's all give Mr. Leddy a nice round of applause! When I first saw his application come across my desk, my first response was pure joy. Why? Because I saw an applicant who embodied all the characteristics of someone who I believed would truly benefit from our support.  He is an individual who is not only committed and hardworking, but also very involved in the lives of those around him helping others find their way to recovery. Leddy not only chairs meetings but has also started a book club reading books which help give way to more difficult conversations surrounding recovery. He has already proven himself...

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Dr. Gregg Pizzi (Miami) x State of Gratitude

Hello Gratitude Nation!  Today, I am writing to you today from Salt Lake City, UT. And I am already amazed by its beauty. There are so many places in the United States that I have never been to before and this was definitely on my bucket list! Each city is unique and carries its own character and charm, just like us as individuals. Yes, we all breathe the same air, share the same space, but each one of us is unique in personality and upbringing which makes us all slightly different from one another. We all carry our faults and our strengths, which is why working together to create a community together is the only that we can be successful....

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