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Anxiety for me takes many forms. Over stimulation, under stimulation, feeling that I am doing too much, and sometimes the feeling that I am not doing enough. These are just a few that come to my mind at once. But, I am confident in believing that there are many, many more. It is important in this time of transition and insecurity to remain grounded on many different levels. At the end of the day, we all have our shit and are simply trying to make the correct decisions in this life one day at a time at every possible fork in the road. 

Moving during a pandemic for me has meant a lot of returns. A lot of trial and error and that means boxes. Boxes in and boxes out. Patience. And, a general understanding that everything is going to work out exactly as it is supposed to. I think it is important to realize and remember that life is a constant transition. We practice this every day and working more and more towards transitions that make us better than the day we were before. If I walked into my apartment and twitched my nose and expected everything to be made up on an instant… I would be clinically insane and delusional. Nothing worthy life worthy comes through instant gratification. However, we seek it over and over again. We are stimulated by a purchase, by a kiss, by whatever it may be. Then once again rendered anxious by disappearance of that stimulation wanting to be stimulated again.

That all being said. I was stimulated today. I received a package. Normally it works the other way around since I am typically the one sending out State of Gratitude packages. However, a package came from a fellow whom has recently started a beautiful candle business. When I started State of Gratitude I wanted others to feel empowered that they too could accomplish something great. Believing that through sobriety and clarity there was so much more to life than meets the eye. I see my friend working towards accomplishing something that is close to his soul and passion. It brings me back to the beginning of this initiative and when I started with just a few shirts. 

Life is all about creating and nurturing connections and not expecting anything in return. We become so focused on needing stimulation and getting something from another individual that we forget the importance of giving a little of ourselves to others as well. 

With that stimulation of receiving my package. It was followed with no anxiety, but love and appreciation. A feeling of knowing that someone else has literally poured their heart and soul into something beautiful, which may hopefully be the beginning of something bigger to come. 

Whether it is a State of Gratitude grant, the purchase of something from our site, or the support of someone else starting out, it all comes full circle eventually. When we work together, we succeed together. 

This month of November is Gratitude Awareness Month. For our sake, we will name it State of Gratitude Month. Let’s cherish our borrowed time on this earth and remember to appreciate those around us. Help me spread gratitude all over this country and remind ourselves and each other of all we have to be gracious for and how far we’ve come to get to where we are today. 

Remember that 25% of proceeds from the site go to State of Gratitude’s grant initiative to help individuals new to recovery to live in a State of Gratitude, everyday. 

Finally, Congratulations Paulo Anthony Grayson Atelier on making your debut in the world. I wish you nothing but prosperity in this journey and gratitude! It’s an exciting one! 

State of Gratitude


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