Pride in Diversity

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Over the past couple decades, the month of June has become host to month long celebrations of within different US and international cities. Why might you ask? 

On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Riots occurred in Greenwich Village, New York City, marking the beginning of modern-day gay rights movements. These iconic riots which occurred between the police and patrons of a local establishment known at the Stonewall Inn. Ever since those iconic riots, lgbt+ issues have been a topic of conversation in politics as well as mainstream media. Through these conversations, much progress has been made in achieving equal rights for LGBT+ individuals in this country and worldwide, however, there is so much work that remains to be done for the community. 

Without getting political, State of Gratitude believes in equal rights and de-stigmatizing issues that have been previously viewed as other people’s problems. We are all here on this earth together, let’s make it a pleasant experience for everyone. Can I get an AMEN?! 

In a celebration of diversity, we created the pride collection to highlight these difference between one another! Not to shame or bring negative attention, but to celebrate and embrace one another for our uniqueness. Not just in the month of June, but always be kind and respect each other. 

Lastly, as always, a portion of all proceeds will support our addiction recovery initiatives from alcohol and substance abuse. 

Living in a State of Gratitude, Always. 


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