What does GRATITUDE mean to me? GRATITUDE is the light in a dark tunnel. It’s finding something to be grateful for when everything around seems to crumble. It’s not just something that happens when everything is going right but when everything is going wrong too. It’s remembering that we are just visitors here on this earth, not rulers of it. Remembering who I am, where I have been, and where I am going. Realizing that I am worthy of all the good things in the world, I am somebody and I am enough.

Starting the brand means putting myself every day in a position to remember that I have been gifted with today and I am going to make the most of it. Every action, every thought, every word is going to be something worth doing. This is worth doing, there are individuals who can’t see the light of day because they are prisoners of their own thoughts and it is about time that they are freed.

After struggling for many years to find the words, I have found myself and my voice and I can be the change. We can all be the change that we wish to see in this world. One day at a time I will fight to help those who are still struggling to be the person they know they are meant to be. We are all meant to be somebody.

  1. My Recovery
  2. The ability to start a brand that WILL help those who need help the most
  3. My beautiful family
  4. The food in my fridge
  5. A loving higher power who has provided me with all that I need today and the faith that He will provide for tomorrow

What does your GRATITUDE List look like TODAY?

Put yourself in a STATE OF GRATITUDE and join me in my journey to lead a wholesome fulfilling life.



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